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About Us

  Shenzhen Web site construction technology limited is engaged in the Internet application service for seven years, have their own server farms, since the purchase of office space, as well as long-term customers nearly, Shenzhen is one of the oldest Internet service provider, has become the Shenzhen site construction industry leader.
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you can soon note to, each bit and you contact of interconnected winning business personnel, are has 3 years above of industry experience, they of words and deeds not in MLM, but in for you of website advice......
you can soon note to, each bit and you contact of interconnected winning technicians, also are has 3 years above of industry experience, they, than you himself more care website of quality, because website of quality is interconnected winning of survival of this......
you can soon note to, Each winning and your contact's Internet customer service personnel, all have at least 5 years of experience, they are familiar with the business, technical, they have the enthusiasm to provide you free service-minded ... ...
a long history proves our vitality and competitiveness. In Shenzhen, such as interconnecting winning Shenzhen companies normally provide services to customers over the years are numbered.
professional equipment:
the company has its own WEB server group, exclusively on their own Web site customer service. All servers using DELL workgroup server, dual Xeon CPU, 10,000 rpm SAS disk arrays, 8GB ECC fault tolerant memory. Thermostat host server all at Shenzhen telecom room, 100M optical fiber directly into the Internet backbone engineer staff on duty 24 hours, to ensure our customer's site stability, performance and data security. According to statistics, the Web site connection speed of our customer is the general speed of the website three times. Have their own servers not only represent faster speeds and more stable application, is more representative of our own installation, Setup, maintenance, managing large WEB server systems, large mail systems, large FTP system of expertise, it is unattainable Shenzhen most enterprise technology advantage!