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Storyteller Guide website popular woman hooked on plots, hooked on shopping

  because of the existence of Taobao, Hangzhou IT was designed many shopping sites, such as just "new media" top 30 mushroom street fashion to shells gathered NET, now there is a good storyteller "shopping".
"alarm, Kelvin confused over a body to sleep. Tang poems beam, handed a sweet morning kiss. --26 age of Tang poems is a kindergarten teacher: love home love animal love child love flood, should be home should be room should be kitchen four beauty five good, is committed to let life romantic better has fun, struggle target is 2013 zhiqian do most happiness of small bride...... "
this not one TV, but shopping guide website" shopping "for you design of stories plot. Different from Taobao, East of Beijing, the "go to" avoid the kind of "business" fully rigid guide mode, the main plot. The good storyteller-Guide Web site highly sought after in the Office worker.
woman hooked on drama, mystery shopping on
"Ding" sound, a toaster pop-up burnt toast. Stories to just press the pause button, "Tang dynasty poems" toaster in the kitchen, love the egg frying pans, cups are listed the purchase address.
"and the previous network is, see my favorite story, I click the link, you can put things for the character in" lost "(network terminology: buy) home! "Millet, a typical generation petty woman, fell in love with after the Network sitcom, she followed the series plot to buy a lot of goods, as is" live TV hero's life ".
"but I only want to buy a pot, and in the Amoy shopping scene, short temper is not appropriate. "Millet's boyfriend complained more than once:" the site is too fancy, too time consuming. "
100,000 people a day," stroll "to Taobao
" shopping ", founder of white Raven, PayPal's former Chief Architect, whose real name is Zhu Ning, belongs to Hangzhou IT circle like toss about that kind of person.
there was a time, a friend of his Mu Xiaobin suddenly fell in love with Korean dramas, staying up late to die the next day catch those dogs blood like a groupie story. This white Crow has an idea-use scenes to organize products, lead consumers to find what they like.
on December 24, 2011, the "shopping" on the line, this is a help people buy things more simply "consumer" Web site, Taobao to more than 100,000 customers every day.
in fact, shopping sites, is the inevitable result after scale on e-commerce. Taobao as an example, when we are facing huge amounts of commodities, often find their needs the most. At this time, "shopping" in scene mode shopping guide, "mushroom" Street "a friend recommended way to shopping guide," petals "picture flow approach to shopping guide, are designed to let you find the most suitable product in the shortest possible time.
the industry believes that, as more and more online shopping, shopping markets are going to get bigger.