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Forum on Twitter to be the real-name system management purposes of 6 months as domestic demand conditions

  management of existing Internet Information Services (hereinafter referred to as the existing approach) is the basis of China's Internet management regulations, since its implementation was published in 2000, on the information service of the healthy and orderly development of the Internet in China has played a positive role. With China Internet of fast development, appeared has many new situation, faced some new problem, for further promote Internet health ordered development, maintenance national security and public interests, protection public and Internet information service provides who of lawful rights and interests of, specification Internet information service activities, according to Constitution and related legal, national Internet Information Office, and industrial and information Department, about sector on existing approach for has amendment, formed has Internet information service management approach (Amendment draft sought views draft) (Hereinafter draft). Now the situations described below:
, revised key principles in accordance with active use, scientific development, according to management, to ensure that safety policies, adhere to both development and management, adhere to proceeding from reality, and effectively serve the Internet law enforcement practice, the revision follows the following principles:
1, management coordination with development. Internet information service providers are encouraged to undertake beneficial to enhance national quality information services, promoting economic and social development. Management in the interests of national security, public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of individual citizens, focusing on enhancing the Foundation management and to address outstanding questions for practice development and management over the years, while efforts to enable the new management measures to promote the health of the Internet development and application.
2, clearly related to the main responsibilities. To clear the Internet Information Services Internet information service providers, Internet service providers, government departments and subjects such as the rights, obligations and responsibility of the user. Encourage industry self-regulation activities Internet information service providers, encourage the public to monitor the Internet information services.
3, enhance the forward-looking and inclusive. As far as possible, provide relevant content, in principle, avoid specific concepts that restrict the applicability of the regulations, set aside space for future development and management of the Internet.
draft, revision of the main content has 6 chapters, 40. Main contents of the amendment are as follows:
1, forums, micro-blogging, clearly approval. Provided by the Internet user to publish information to the public services directly related to national security, public safety, human health and property security of citizens, under the provisions of the administrative licensing law, establishment of an administrative license. Accordingly, the exposure draft article tenth of the Forum, blogs, micro-blogging services regulates the licensing. To enhance the regulatory prospective, exposure draft this service form will be summed up as "the services provided by the Internet user to publish information to the public."
2, complete site access conditions. Internet information services are related to national security, public safety, personal health, safety of life and property of citizens industry, service provider is required to have a particular reputation, specific criteria. To this end, the exposure draft seventh a uniform basic conditions of access to the site requirements.
3, strengthen safety management responsibility of the relevant service providers. Reference abroad Internet management of some practices, sought views draft engaged in Qian, and thing in the, and after the link clear provides has Internet information service provides who, and Internet access service provides who by should bear of responsibility and obligations, including public information inspections, and legal qualification identification, and emergency disposal and the has security prevention measures,, to better reflected who hosted, and who is responsible for of spirit, makes right and responsibility phase unified.
4, strengthen the relevant record retention obligations of service providers. For adapted combat network illegal crime of need, sought views draft reference other national of about provides, on existing approach about Internet access service provides who, and Internet information service provides who of records retained term for has adjustment, clear "Internet information service provides who should records by released of information and service object by released of information, and save 6 months"; "Internet information service provides who, and Internet access service provides who should records log information, save 12 months, and for police organ, and National security authorities shall provide technical support queries ".
5, to provide for the registration of user identity information. Since December of last year, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 5 pilot city to implement real ID information to register for Twitter users were working to combat online crime, and purify the network environment, strengthen the sense of responsibility and promote the integrity of Internet users society, plays an active role. Summary of pilot experiences based on exposure draft 15th section "service provided by the Internet user to publish information of Internet information service providers, user identity information should be required to register", clear the use of forums, blogs, micro-blogs, interactive services registered with the identity information of the user requirements.
6, strengthening the protection of personal information. For prevent citizens personal information was leaked and illegal using, better to protection personal information security, sought views draft increased "Internet information service provides who, and Internet access service provides who on user of identity information, and log information, personal information has confidential obligations, shall not sold, and tampered with, and deliberately leaked or illegal using user of personal information" terms, and on violation above provides of behavior clear has corresponding punishment measures.
7, normative acts of supervision and inspection of government departments. For specification government sector behavior, promote law administrative, sought views draft on government sector of supervision check behavior proposed has strict, including: about sector should to social public on Internet information service of license, and record situation, public right to check out about license, and record situation; about sector staff law perform supervision check, and law enforcement duties, at least due two name has administrative law enforcement qualification of personnel participate in, and active show law enforcement documents; about sector staff should records supervision check, and Law enforcement and treatment results, the public right of access supervision and inspection records; department concerned shall establish a system of information sharing and communications, public reporting system should be established, accepted the public according to law reports and so on.