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CNNIC "Chinese. CN" and "Chinese. Chinese" split registration

  review of IDC China, June 12: recently, the CNNIC announced that from October 29, 2012, "the Chinese. CN "and" Chinese. "China" domain names will be registered separately and services, new registration "in Chinese.-China" or "Chinese. CN "is no longer the note a maximum of six service, users who had registered the domain name if you want to continue using two suffixes, respectively is required to renew it. Following is the full text of the notice:
. notification of adjustment of China's domain name registration and services
in July 2010, the "." as a purely Chinese top-level domain was officially written to the global Internet domain name system, implement comprehensive global Internet access. After two years of development, "." domain names get the attention and recognition of the vast number of users, registered service systems and technical systems have gradually improved. As an independent top-level domain, "." already has a separate registration and service conditions and ability. For the "." national top level domain development and adapt to the demand of the development of the Internet in China, CNNIC. "China" independent of the domain name registration and service of notice are as follows:
, "" in Chinese. CN "and" Chinese. Chinese "domain name registration and service
since October 29, 2012, new registration" in Chinese. CN "no longer corresponds to the gift" in Chinese. Chinese "domain name registration" in Chinese.-China "no longer corresponds to the gift" in Chinese. CN "domain name;" Chinese. CN "and" Chinese. Chinese "domain as a separate two top-level domain registration, payment and service, the user can choose to register only" in Chinese. CN "or registration" in Chinese. ".
on October 29, 2012, registered "in Chinese. CN "and" Chinese. Chinese "domain as a separate two top-level domain renewals and service, users can select only renewals" in Chinese. CN "or renewal" in Chinese. ".
II, "." domain name rules
on October 29, 2012, as a separate top-level domain, "." domain name will refer to. " CN "domain names, and other top level domain naming conventions, user can be used individually or in combination in the characters, letters or Arabic numerals with the connector"-"combination as a domain name, which users can register" ABC. China "," 123. "and" ABC123. "China", does not contain characters in domain names.
for the protection of the rights and benefits, alone or in combination with English letters or Arabic numerals with the connector "-" combined as a named "." domain names, CNNIC will be implemented before October 29, 2012 priority registration and priority upgrade registration process, specific procedures will be announced.
c ". CN "and". "domain name registration fees
on October 29, 2012," the Chinese. CN "and" Chinese. "China" domain names as two independent top-level domain, separate charges. Domain name registration costs and end-user prices differentiated by top level domain name type.
in order to smooth implementation "." domain name registration and related services work independently, the new network as a domain name registrar should notice the registered user, and user consultation and explanation.