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Liu confirmed that Jingdong Mall has purchased and 3.CN domain names

  review of IDC China, June 19: Jingdong Mall CEO Liu revealed that Jingdong Mall has purchased and 3.CN shorter domain names.
according to the test, two domain names now go to and 3.CN Store Home. However, the purchased Jingdong Mall has not disclosed the amount spent two domain names.
after the news that the store bought Sun Meichao to the national network figure domain name 3.CN, the domain name costs about 3 million to 5 million.
early last year, the store bought the domain name, at that time, rumours in the industry a domain name offers were not less than 3 million Yuan.
a few days ago, ICANN released information shows, Jingdong Mall apply. "shop" new top level domain, but the domain name suffix is popular, there were applications from 9 Enterprise, Jingdong is expected if you want to get this domain name will cost far more than $ 185,000 in cash.