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Agence France-Presse: founding father, Kline Rockwell reviews the Internet 40 years

  NetEase tech news on October 29, Agence France-Presse, October 29 is the Internet 40 years old birthday, Agence France-Presse interviewed Leonard was responsible for networking experiment for the first time? l.Kleinrock (Leonard Kleinrock) Professor, the following is the full text of the article: father of
Internet   Leonard? l.Kleinrock (Leonard Kleinrock)
people now have Internet access as a matter of course. But 40 years ago today, Professor l.Kleinrock, who led the research team when they gave birth to the Internet, simply did not think later developed Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and other popular sites.
l.Kleinrock told AFP: "the network application to introduce new, let us always surprises." He is now and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) founding team to prepare for the emergence of the Internet of the 40 anniversary of the birthday party.
he pointed out that "the network is now the equivalent of Human adolescence, developing well, but still has a long way to go in front. It was not very stable, but its parents and the scientific and technological community to feel infinite glory. "
on October 29, 1969, l.Kleinrock led a group of researchers successfully made UCLA a computer and another research institution computers Internet" communication ", the Internet was born.
l.Kleinrock was convinced that all computers eventually doomed to "talk" to form as simple and easy as a telephone network.
in 1962, l.Kleinrock outlined his vision in a doctoral dissertation. But he said: "no one cares, AT&T don't take it seriously. I showed my research on them, they said it was impossible to achieve. Even if achieved, they will not be interested to apply. "
at that time, the United States telecommunications giant at and t for the ARPANET in laying cables, computers connected to the network. The cold war, the United States and the former Soviet Union competing for productivity and competitive technology. Given that the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite, United States Department of Defense (Advanced Research Projects Agency) hope to catch up, set up in 1958, funded ARPANET.
in 1969, the l.Kleinrock team to test the data transfer back and forth, with a 15-foot-long cable to connect the "interface message processor" (Interface Message Processor,IMP) and mainframe computers. Engineer to enter the "LOG" (login) with three letters in order to log in the remote computer, but I didn't know it was only entered in the "o" letter, the computer crashed.
l.Kleinrock said the network has a history of the outgoing message is "Lo", just like "Hey, pay attention! "(Lo and Behold)" Hello "," there are better, more concise than that message? ”。
United States National Science Foundation (National ScienceFoundation) in the late 1980 's, the Internet has added a series of supercomputers, the network open society for more scientists.
l.Kleinrock said that "the Internet has been invented, but ignorance, Dick and Harry on the street. "To the e-mail system widely used in the workplace, the use of the Internet to attract the attention of the general public, and developing in full swing, and ignited the Internet technology industry. com boom.
l.Kleinrock says: "the next step will be to go into the physical world of the Internet. The future Internet will be ubiquitous, I entered the room, the Internet can immediately sense me coming and talking to me. ”