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Service provider network "one size fits all" consumers will be able to prosecute or complaints

  as long as legitimate business practice should be protected against laws and regulations questions mercy. However, government departments at all levels and enterprises should be strict to prevent "cookie-cutter" phenomenon, which undermined public trust in Government, and damage the interests of citizens, so that some companies take "Government name" against the interests of consumers.
the moment, Liu Xing of Nanjing (a pseudonym) was over and over again and refresh the browser, keep trying to fight through the server, he has been repeated hundreds of times, of two sleepless days, he hoped that the miracle can happen, your personal site can return to normal access, but this seems to be in vain. Because the Internet illegal information reporting centre is sorted out, Internet access providers fear that problems occur, shut down the entire room. Such as Liu Xing, after graduating from University, choose the network business, build your own Web site, operates a number of commodities, or depend on Web traffic advertising into, or some network consulting or service people, it can be said that the Internet at least solve the problem of millions of population. But this "one size fits all" type of room block, immediately put him in a difficult position, I do not know what tomorrow's survival and could make the choice.
Zhejiang businessman Zheng hua (alias) now in distress, in order to sell their gift factory founded by the production and distribution of products, his website looking for Shanghai construction company built their corporate website, Zheng Hua in the past mainly depends on foreign trade, RMB exchange rate reform and last year's global economic crisis, he will market to domestic, trying a foothold. And foreign businessmen maneuvering a large amount of business, factory wages for decades, people count on this order, bingo, the website cannot be accessed, and guest questions about Zheng Hua business, Zheng Hua called him to ask about website construction company, the answer is: room block, server outages access, time, nothing at all. All without warning, seems to block as the norm, but such loss of who to take, Zheng Hua face loss, don't know how to wait for salary employees explained.
"one size fits all" seems to be a very traditional and backward management methods, it seems to be far away from us, compared to the impractical, use the same approach to issues. For an explanation of the term, refers to "one size fits all" popular in the 80 's of the last century, was considered bureaucratic way of thinking, not to make a concrete analysis of specific issues, will be treated in the same way. Such thinking is obviously the loss of work and therefore opposed the "one size fits all" the voice continued to be high, once "one size fits all", immediately condemned, or lead to a lot of controversy. As a historical term, the word seems to be forgotten.
but "one size fits all" real stars Liu, Zheng hua's side. If the "consolidation" we can understand that, then take the "consolidation" in the name of one room, a policy, there are countermeasures, and plausible "cooperate with law enforcement" behavior, and how to explain. Above reorganization, following seal network, escaped has junior, again hiding 15 of "reorganization" also has what meaning can statements? and was damage of, and far more than is Government image, a Taiwan Server Shang of legal website may hundreds, a room of server far more than hundreds of, once "reorganization", far more than hundreds of thousands of, and Shang million of legal website "hits pond"? similar of event, in in recent years and occurred has how many times?
who of problem who is responsible for, this is most at least of asked accountability mechanism. Prejudicial to the legal and regulatory issues, we must firmly, check after all, and will not relent, but the principle is not damage most of the legitimate interests of the people of, as long as legitimate business practice should be protected, this is the most basic "law enforcement". We call for, the relevant government departments in dealing with similar problems must be considered carefully, must prevent non-governmental enterprises by "law enforcement" in the name, random damage most of the legitimate interests of the people of.
on May 20, 2009, the Daxing District Court Judge Zhao Yudong made a civil judgment or make history: Scholar Hu xingdou of Beijing website was blocked, Sue Servicers Beijing Xin NET in his favor. Blocked Web site is the personal site of Hu xingdou, anchored in the company provides server support for the new network. In March this year, he got a new net mail, saying the site "illegal information", forced to shut down. The other side said it is the block of instructions of local authorities. Presiding judge sentenced Hu xingdou, win, saying "Web site (due to censorship issues) prosecution service, as far as I know, this is the first time they have won," lawyer Zhang Xingshui said, "this is a warning to network service providers, also indirectly conveyed to public opinion. "
2009 12, moves to combat" related yellow "sites large seizure of servers, many" clean "site also implicated lawyer you yunting said to the media, on the contract, China Mobile has no right to arbitrarily cut off, the affected site may initiate litigation to the IDC engine room. In his view, contract relations, mobile Internet access services agreements signed with the hosting site, under the premise of the site is not illegal, the engine room should not be cut off. "It will involve a lot of innocent people", he suggested: the affected owners should first be brought to the IDC engine room proceedings. "The site is sign the contract with IDC, IDC and move to sign the contract. Sue room, getting the room indicates the evidence was forced to shut down, can move to prosecute. "
according to media news, Professor of Beijing University of posts and telecommunications Zeng, jianqiu said that judging from the offline events that have occurred in recent years, operators at the time of the reaction a little bit by surprise, positive enough, or just make a statement, and then it's not below the consumer calls, also had no comment. This also shows that many companies on ways to upgrade the quality of services, and international standards but also to learn from international carriers. After all, users now have more choice in network access, in this case, whose services are better, and who better to win customers.
Zhu Zerong suggestion: even if due to force majeure, the operator cannot be prevented, as a result of network closure on Web hosting, server hosting, consumers can complain to the China consumers ' Association, which is consumer issues and service a range of remedial measures must be taken. Meanwhile, managed servers, consumers should check whether IDC access "service certificate", and "one size fits all" management problems with the service description service provider, and it has no perfect after-sales service support capability, even if approved, but do not take remedial measures may be called certification body to monitor complaints.