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Hacking Thunder room lead to paralysis

  hacker invasion Thunder room led to paralysis
1.24 day a hacker invasion Thunder room led to Thunder overall paralysis, this event called ever national maximum loss of, is currently national led to loss up, detection most difficult of a hacker case!
Thunder company Yu January 25 on to police reported has case, after one months of disdain efforts finally in February 21 Thunder invasion case of mastermind Lee a was police captured, Lee a is one for "hacker world (" Hacker Web site administrator. Name: Redpass, only 24 years old, living in Zhengzhou, Henan province, has invaded several well-known portal, but never malicious damage.  
invasion from world around police start
received reported Hou, police immediately find thunder main server folder of access records, find has day zhihou found January 20 to 24th of records all was by deleting, and server in no hacker legacy of any traces! time to has February 12 case no any progress, then Thunder company technicians of Word caused police Note: invasion who landing had management background!
Police immediately out of the Thunder all login IP management starting from 04, after 6 days of finishing several IP, but saw only a little after the IP address location hopes crushed again, all these IP from all over the world! once again deadlocked on the merits.
18th, Thunder forums have a special post that merits a big step forward! message points out that Thunderbolt Server vulnerabilities, and attach the patch method! police immediately identified the user's IP address, the suspects targeted in Zhengzhou within a community. While Lee went out to dinner time the police entered the room next to the computer desk, table full of hacking books, CDs and an unfinished hacking programs on the computer to make the police more determined Lee is suspect. Police found Lee computers some of the information on the invasion of Thunderbolt, copy to take home. 21st captured against Lee, eventually cracked the case!
dropped into
Lee said: he had invaded the Thunder room want to break your own hacking techniques on the one hand, on the other hand want to see Thunder have been suspected of stealing software on the computer before is true. Leading room overall paralysis is completely missed when using a dark Group (an online technology forum) of the remote control software, replace the remote control software mistook a virus sample to each other on the server. After that the virus quickly spread throughout the room, he was also trying to find ways to remedy, but it was too late. To Thunder company for which he apologized and promised to help him mend.
hack like prudent use of Chinese martial arts that "health" and "moral"
attack and anti-is the opposite of do? wrong, attack and to complement the full-proof! built people learning Chinese martial arts in order to keep fit, better protect themselves. But before you learn how to control it is necessary to know how to attack each other,
anti-this is a real martial art. Hacker technology also as, author in hacker World Forum see a sentence words: learned attack just to better of Defense!
learning hacker technology to grasp good using of scale; and martial arts is also truth, if you using hacker technology to wanton invasion, and attack others so you can wants to wants to this behavior whether and fight injury people has similar of at does?
network technology development without hacker
If world Shang all of virus, and attack, and invasion all disappeared, so antivirus software, and Firewall vendors and network security will be stalled until the collapse of the company. If a network engineer has no idea what cyber-attacks are, from his hands to complete the software, Web sites will be full of broken, fragile.
is hack to make programs more perfect, more solid and network technology development is inseparable from the hacker!

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