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Google bid

 , Google AdWords profile
1. What is a Google AdWords keyword ads?
Google launched AdWords AdWords has become popular all over the world of Internet marketing products. It is located in the side or the top of the Google Web search results page prominently; also appears on hundreds of websites using Google search, including the well-known portals such as AOL, NetEase, QQ, has a very high interest rate. In short: Google AdWords keyword advertising is through the creation of simple and effective advertising, relying on keyword search, ad information show is looking for relevant target audiences and advertising content.
2. Where the Google key word advertisement will appear?
A:Google AdWords ads appear. Above or on the right side of the search results page, also appears in the Google network of search sites (163, QQ) and other products (Gmail).
uses Google AdSense channel partners advertising resources AdWords ad
ad resources including: -Search website content page-newsletter-email services-discussion forum

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