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Tencent Soso

  Tencent searches millions of
Tencent QQ users you search marketing was provided by Tencent SOSO search results pages and other Internet content or applications page shows the Tencent customer marketing services advertising information.
future, Tencent search marketing will be a based on the Tencent online life, in full, and associated "business and user requirements" on the basis of, the establishment of service providers and advertisers and marketing platform for full interaction between users. Six advantages of search marketing
Tencent/> advantage 1: huge coverage--contact
Tencent QQ users group searches, relying on Tencent's SOSO and a wealth of online life, offers a variety of advertising channels, millions of QQ users to quickly understand you, to contact you.
advantage 2: targeted--accurately covers your target user
its search marketing, in-depth analysis of your advertising content, to millions of QQ users online life full of matches. QQ users need most when your ads, increasing advertising satisfaction in order to attract genuine users who demand fast information, get in touch.
the unique advantages of the Tencent platform, will be able to help your organization improve advertising effectiveness, reduce marketing costs.

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