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Sohu sogou

, search engine marketing advantage 1 •   SME best search marketing services--network coverage, will your customers catch!
(1) brand trust:
sogou is Sohu's search engine, is the first global Chinese Web pages included in the amount of up to 10 billion search engine. Currently, Internet users search using search dogs more than 245 million passengers a day, worth your trust!
(2) coverage: sogou search covering more than 95% of China's Internet users! • China's largest Portal Sohu search
• sogou search----third-ranked search engine.
• Sohu network of the channel page show
• Sohu network of the cooperation media show
• sogou and Sohu mailbox show
• sogou input show
• sogou browser----Internet most fast of browser, most by netizens love place exhibition
(3) free show, and by click charges
promotion content free show, you just for those click has promotion links, and into you Enterprise website browse of effective potential customer paid. Save your promotional budget.
(4) sogou search business value higher, has the most sophisticated user group
China Internet network information center, CNNIC of the 2009 Chinese search engine user behavior study showed that dog users most concern for commercial advertisements. It shows dog users care more about effective business information is more mature and has commercial value for user groups.