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Vaccine management system

  vaccine management system solves shortage of vaccine management; currently do a complete inventory management system for vaccines, with reminders such as vaccine expires, the number is too low. Eliminate unnecessary trouble caused by the vaccines expire! System has the following major advantages:
1,    perfect and convenient for vaccine purchase, inventory, shipping, returns management,
2,    vaccine types, suppliers and recipients of any additions and changes
3,    can be used for inventory and shipments, shipments real-time statistical data such as profits;
4,    Vaccine due automatically reminded function, and can on different vaccine set different reminded time;
5, and    vaccine inventory low reminded, on different vaccine for free set reminded number;
6, and   support mail, and SMS reminded function, convenient you in not into system Shi can informed vaccine situation;
7, and    achieved SMS, and mail mass function, convenient for for Conference notification, reminded;
8 And the    powerful user management functions, can increase indefinitely, managing users and can be set different permissions.

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